What makes me me? After much soul searching I came up with the following…

A systems thinker. This means I look for opportunities at the deepest level possible, instead of focussing on the apparent symptoms.

A free agent who speaks his mind rather irreverently, although genuinely.

A friend and mentor who helps people identify and work towards their goals.

An adventurer known to take a leap of faith or two.

A multidisciplinary creative.

Other things to note…

  • I Don’t own a belt although happy to throw a jacket over shirt and jeans and call that dressing up.

  • I become nauseous in competitive scenarios.

  • I’m vegan going on 20 years. Bring it up with me, I dare you.

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by alidark3000



For creatives who didn't fit the system, with potential but nowhere to unleash it. For grown up children who are not thriving in the eternal day job.